Tile Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Cleaning tiles isn’t something that we are even remotely interested in; it takes a lot of effort, time, and patience to scrub away the grime, especially since it seems it will never come out. It’s one of the most challenging cleaning jobs, but professionals at Carpet Cleaning Danville are always ready for a challenge like this one.

Our experienced cleaning professionals will impress with their abilities to give your tiles the initial luster. Our professionals' training allows them to utilize the most efficient procedures for making your tiles look as lovely and fresh like they were in store.

Tile, Stone Cleaning Jobs Our Experts Handle

At Carpet Cleaning Danville, we are determined to turn all tiled areas in your house into the sparkliest and cleanest places. Here are some of the many tile-cleaning jobs that our professionals will address, sparing you the effort and time:

tile and grout cleaning
  • Foyer and entryway floors
  • Tubs, bathroom floors, showers, and countertops
  • Indoor and outdoor tile tabletops
  • Tiled floors in every room of your household
  • Backsplashes, kitchen floors, and countertops
  • Tile fireplaces

Stone, Tile, Grout Cleaning, and Sealing Process

Our tile and grout cleaning process is comprised of the next phases:

Step 1 - Clean, degrease, and eliminating the old sealer with a cleaning solution. We let it work before continuing the cleaning process.

Step 2 - We will mechanically scrub grout and tile, as we want to loosen collected grease, soil, and the old sealer.

Step 3 - Using high-pressure hot water and a robust wet vacuum, we will rinse and suck all water and loosened waste products.

Step 4 - We will repeat all first steps (clean, scrub, rinse, and extract) for deep cleaning, rinsing, and waste removal.

Step 5 - We will speed dry and spot-clean if necessary, examine to make sure that tile and grout are spotless and stain-free.

Step 6 - We recommend applying a pigmented grout-sealer; it will stain-proof, waterproof, and protect your tiles for the future.

tile cleaning and sealing

High-Quality Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

We will perform cleaning of your ceramic tiles and any tiles and grout; Carpet Cleaning Danville, CA also provides grout-sealing for protecting the recently cleaned grout, re-grouting for giving the old grout a newer appearance. We will restore the tiled zone, making them look brand new.

We recommend you benefit from the grout-sealing service after grout-cleaning, preserve the appearance and luster of the freshly-cleaned grout, as the process will reduce the risk of staining and dulling, making the grout look clean and bright for a long time. Plus, it will be effortless to clean it in the future.

We don’t just provide typical tile and grout cleaning services; we also ensure emergency tile, stone, grout cleaning and Sealing service when water damage is severe and poses a risk for mildew and mold growth. As mildew and mold are especially tricky to remove from grout, addressing these problems the moment they occur saves you time and money and keeps your home environment healthy too.

Contact Carpet Cleaning Danville as our tile and grout cleaning professionals are ready to help you discover the beauty now hidden under several layers of dirt!

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